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How to Eat out on a Budget

How to Eat out on a Budget

Eating out is a luxury.  For those who are on a budget, there are ways to enjoy eating out.  Here are a few tips to enjoy your favorite dishes. Order to go.  This is the cheapest way to indulge yourself and save money at the same time. Go to lunch.  Lunch usually costs less than […]

How to Cook Jasmine Brown Rice Withou...

How to Cook Jasmine Brown Rice Without a Rice Cooker

Rice is the main diet of 50 percent of the population.  Jasmine brown rice, a type of long grain rice, has beautiful aromatic fragrance like pandan leaves.  Its texture is starchy and not as sticky as short grain rice.  Jasmine brown rice is originally from Thailand. Brown rice offers a lot more benefits; it reduces your risk of […]