Second Approach to Healing Trauma

In addition to healing trauma using supplements to heal the brain and body. We also need to address it at another mental level as we are mind body and spirit. I discovered this method while researching on YouTube.

Another method to healing trauma is Safe & Sound Protocol which was invented by Stephen Porges. It’s not invasive and helpful. A negative side of it is that it’s not paid by medical insurance. It will cost about $300. It will calm your auditory nervous system and very gentle. Yes, I used it noticed a difference. I became a bit calmer.

What Safe and Sound Protocol does is you listen with a headphone for at least 6 hours of music with certain embedded sound. Make sure you choose uninterrupted time. I highly recommend it if you can afford to rent the tool.

DISCLAIMER: I am neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist, all my stories are through personal experiences.